Monday, April 18, 2016

Our New Shop ~ A Little Before & After

So I'm waaaay overdue for a blog post, and I thought a little Before and After of our new shop location was a good time to wake up the Blog :)
At the end of 2015, as we were looking around for a new space that would give us some bigger work rooms, larger showroom, and a little elbow room, we found out that this double wide spot farther down in our same building had become available :)

In the beginning it looked like this ~ mostly one large space.  A (somewhat) clean slate to work with.

We knew we wanted some walls built to create our work spaces.

And we put up these French Doors so we can see out when we're quilting away in the Handi Quilter room.

Here the little kitchen area is being built that clients can use when they come rent the machines, or take a class.  This one is larger though than our last one, with a table in it and everything :)

If you haven't come in to visit us yet, we moved into our new space in suite G last Monday (Same building, just farther down to the right from where we were before ~ 9691 Gerwig Lane Suite G, Columbia MD 21046) 

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from around our showroom area.  Above is a simply stunning quilt made by Pat Brousil.  It's a sample for her upcoming Hand Piecing Class called Twisted Star.  Click Here for details about the class.

We have lots of space for quilt samples!  Here are a few...above left is a sample for our Sassy Quilt that we have a few kits for, and on the right hand side is  the Quilt As you Go Baby Quilt sample for Barbara Dahlberg's upcoming class on Thursday, April 21st.

We'll take a few more photos of more areas, including the workrooms as we get our quilts up that we brought back from the quilt show we also were vending at last week.  We still have things to get finished, and things are evolving.  Lots of new products are coming out each day, and we have plans for changes in the future for each of the areas of the shop ~ so stay tuned for more photos :)

Just this weekend our signage was installed ~ this time we have our whole name up!  Next week our logo decal will be installed on our front door too :)

Stay tuned for more photos, and stop in to see us in our new digs!
Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Get It Done UFO Challenge January Number Is...

 Number 5!

It's time to get started on those UFO Lists ~ The number to work on for the month of January is #5.  
You can read about the details of our Get It Done UFO Challenge at This Blog Post, and you can jump in any time.  It's all about having fun, and getting some of those quilts finished :) 

In the last post I showed my personal 2016 UFO list (12 of my UFO's at least), and my #5 is to finish my Pat Sloan "Farmer's Market" quilt...So Full Disclosure: Here is the state my "Farmer's Market" is in at the moment.  As you can see I have several blocks to finish adding the applique to, and then doing all the blanket stitching, adding any outer borders I decide to add, then quilting and binding.  Will I get it finished this month?  ...I'm not sure, with all I'm working on with customer quilts and my website in flux right now (Don't get me started...I could write a book)...But I do know I'll be getting some work done on it, and I'll let you know how things progress by the end of the month :)

Don't forget, if you get your #5 finished by January 31st, bring it in and show us and your name will go in the  drawing for our nice monthly prize! Even if you don't get it completely finished ~ Get it at least to a quilt top, and come in to the shop and show us, and we'll give you a coupon for a discount to purchase your batting and backing fabrics :)

And to inspire you and get you in the Finishing mood, here are a few finishes that our Renter, Pat Scully quilted up on our HQ machines yesterday...

She was on a roll and finshed the quilting on Four kid quilts for the Southern Comforter's Guild to be donated to the Georgetown Pediatric unit.  She kicked these dino quilts out three at at time!  All they need now is some binding :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

PS ~ As I mentioned briefly above, our website is currently in flux as we switch to a new provider.  Please be patient as more content gets loaded and tweeked, and we work through all the bugginess.  If you have any questions, or want to sign up for a class, call our shop at (410)381-0695. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 UFO Challenge Prep

I love this time of year!  The New Year is upon us ~ a fresh slate, new energy, looking forward, a great time to take stock, and set some goals in action. 

As a quilter, I have a few UFO's (A Stack of Un-finished Objects), and pieced tops to be quilted.  I'm a "Starter"...I admit it...I love to pick fabrics, and start a new project ~ that's my favorite part of quilting.  I used to be a "Finisher" too, but about twelve years ago I started working in a quilt shop, and that hampered my Finishing Powers.  Don't get me wrong, I do finish a lot of projects, just not as many as I start.  There are just so many wonderful projects that come to my attention and inspire me to start them :)

...But I do love to hold up a Finished Quilt, and announce, "It's Done!"

...So to help in that endeavor, we've decided to have some fun at the shop in 2016 and get some quilts  finished at the same time!  

We're having a Get It Done UFO Challenge!  Let's have some fun and get some quilts finished at the same time...

If you want to play along, here's what to do and how it works: 
1. Make a list numbered 1 to 12, and beside each number write the name and short description of a UFO or project that you'd like to finish in 2016.  

2. Turn a copy of your list in to us at Spring Water Designs by January 5th.  Include your name, email and phone number on the list.  You can bring your list in to the shop, or email it to us at  It's that easy! (If you miss the Jan. 5th deadline, you can still turn a list in throughout the year by the 5th of the month to jump in and play starting that month.)

3. Each month, around the end of the first full week, we will choose a random number between 1 and 12 and announce it on our Facebook Page and post it in the shop ~ and that number will correspond to a project on your list that you will work on completing. 

4. If you get that month's project finished, bring it in and show it to us (or snap a photo and email that to us, or post it to our Facebook Page), and you'll be entered in our monthly Get It Done Drawing for some nice prizes!

Note: even if you don't get the entire quilt finished and bound, if you turn that month's unfinished parts into a quilt top, still bring it in to the shop, and you'll receive a coupon for a discount to purchase your backing fabric and batting :)

The above list is mine.  I'm posting it for an example of a list ~ some are tops that just need to be quilted and bound, and some are full projects that are currently just pieces that want to be quilts someday :)  
...I know I'll get some of them finished...but no pressure, my goal is just some fun Quilty Finishes in 2016!  

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Home for the Holidays Blog Hop Winner!

We drew a random name from the comments left on my post in the Home for the Holidays Bloghop, and the winner of the Peace on Earth Fat Quarter Bundle from Fabri-Quilt is:

Michele T!

Congratulations Michele, and Merry Christmas! 
~ Dawn

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Home for the Holidays Blog Hop ~ It's My Day!

This week I've been playing with these Peace on Earth fabrics by Ro Gregg, and I'm participating in a Blog Hop on the Inspired by Fabric's blog!

Hop on over there and check out my tutorial on how to put together my Snowy Day Table Topper!  It's quick and easy, and can be made up as a quick item to decorate your home, or as that last minute gift :)

And Fabri-Quilt is sponsoring a Give Away!  Leave a comment here on this blog post and you'll be entered in a random drawing for a Fat Quarter Bundle of Peace on Earth fabrics!  Make sure you leave a good email address with your comment so I can get ahold of you when you win!  You have until the end of day on Saturday, December 19th to leave your comment.  I'll draw the name on Sunday, December 20th :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our Shop Little Quilts Show

I've asked the members of our Jo Morton and Kim Diehl Clubs to share some of the Little Quilts that they've made over the last year or so...

A few of them have responded, and we are now displaying in the shop a Little Quilt Show of some of their small pieces of art :)

 Come in throughout this Holiday Season and view these sweet little treasures while they're here.

 If you've already come by to check them out, stop by again in the coming weeks as more are arriving ~ every few days someone else brings in another :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Folded Star Demo for the Holidays

Today at the shop I shared a demo on how to make this cute little folded fabric star.  It's a great use of scraps and can be a little ornament or quick holiday gift.  My friend, Heather Kojan had taught me how to make it a couple of years ago, and I thought it'd be fun to share it. You can find a really comprehensive tutorial on how to do it at the Betz White Blog ~ check her post out, it has great photos and nice descriptions of what to do.  Instead of re-creating the wheel, I'm just going to give an over view of what I did, but refer you to her blog for a better tutorial :)

Start with a 3" strip of fabric from four different fabrics, each approx. 14" long.  Fold them in half lengthwise and press to get a center line.  Then fold the two raw edges in to that center and press again.  I used a little spritz of Best Press to help it hold it's shape to work with it.

 Then fold each of these strips in half.

Weave the four strips together by having each strip wrap around the outside of one strip and go on the inside of another. Then pull them tight together to look like the photo above.

Fold each of the strips back over the center.  I worked in a counter clockwise direction starting with the lighter gold strip, folding it from the right to the left side, and I finished with the green strip folding it up.

Then tuck the last strip (green in this case) under the loop formed by the first strip (light gold in this case).  I used a stilletto to tuck it under.  A bodkin, chopstick or tweezers would work here too.

Next you'll make the star points.  Miter the corners by first folding the green strip to the right hand direction, then again in the down direction.

 Then fold the whole thing in half from right to left. 
Use a clip here so you can let go of your point while you work on tucking the strip in.  Binding clips, wonder clips, a binder or paper clip, or a straight pin can work for this task.

Then gently tuck the green strip under the light gold loop.  You can gently pull the strips that are still sticking out to tighten everything up at each step.  Repeat this process for four star points on this side.  Then turn your star over and repeat the points step for the four points on the other side.

After all the star points are formed and tucked, use small sharp scissors to cut the extra end of the strip that sticks out flush with the fabric it's tucked under for each star point.
You can run a little thread or ribbon through it to create a hanger if you want to use your little stars as Christmas ornaments.

Check back later this week as I'll be participating in Fabri-Quilt's Inspired by Fabric Blog Christmas Project Blog Hop with a quick, easy Holiday decor project to have finished before Christmas ~ I'll be using the Peace on Earth collection by Ro Gregg shown Here :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn