Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's Time for the AccuQuilt Block Contest!

(We pause here on the blog tonight for a little Proud Mama moment...) 

Every year AccuQuilt holds a contest where their fans design quilt blocks, and have a chance to win lots of goodies, but the coolest prize is that the winning block gets put on large sign outside of the AccuQuilt offices and headquarters. The entries are voted on by the public, and the Top 10 Blocks are reviewed by AccuQuilt and their Guest Judge (This year it's Eleanor Burns!).


This year, my daughter Heather has entered a block design!  You can vote for her block Here

Heather's block, named "Flying Together", is pretty cool!  I really like the vibrant colors and the flying geese coming together to meet in the middle.  (What a nice theme for a block this year, right!)

We love playing with blocks, and how you can get such different looks by just rotating a single block in a quilt layout :)  Here are just two versions using Heather's block:

This block lends itself to so many secondary designs by using different sashings, cornerstones, or an alternate block in the setting.

If you are voting in the AccuQuilt Block Contest for the first time, you may get an email with a confirmation link before your vote will count.  Once you complete that step, you should be all set ~ you can vote once a day within a 24 hour period from now through September 5th.

...We're hoping everyone will keep voting every day to keep Heather's block in the Top 10 ~ so if you like Heather's block, please take a second to go vote for "Flying Together"!

Here's the Link to the block one more time, or you can click on the photo of her block above.

Enjoy the Day!
~ Dawn

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