Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Littlest Things

I've been knitting a lot lately.  It's an easy carry-along that I can do as a passenger in a car, and in less than perfect light.  I always have a little knit project in progress tucked into my handbag for when I have time to kill.  I like to work on little things for that reason, and because I can also feel like I'm accomplishing finishes.  They are such little projects, but it's funny, when I visit my dad at the nursing home, he can't always have a coherent conversation, but he always recognizes my handwork projects that I'm working on and is interested in my progress :) 

So, as of lately I've been completing a bunch of little projects to give as gifts, and this one in particular sparked my dad's attention, I'm not really sure why.  This is a little scarf that I made for Elsie out of a fun polyester fleece yarn ~ and since I had more yarn, and it kept my dad's attention so much, I've made an extra one for sale here in my Etsy store for some other special little girl.  

Even though he doesn't go out side in the cold, I think I'll have to find some more "manly" colors and make one for my dad next.  Sometimes it's just the little things that make a difference :)

Enjoy the day!

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