Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tipsy Tuesday ~ Recycling

Take an old picture frame that was literally in the trash can in my husband's garage (that's right, I'm not above picking trash cans for the right treasure) + the last bits of mist from the end of a spray can of antique white paint (also found in Hubby's garage) + a piece of galvanized steel cut to size (purchased from Hardware Store) =

Cool new magnet board for my sewing studio!  Btw, the little magnets and magnetic basket were purchased at the office supply store Back to School Sales :)

The galvanized steel can be found at a hardware store/home center like Lowe's and we cut it to size with tin snips (Just make sure you purchase metal that's magnetic, and not aluminum). *Be careful of the sharp edges that you create when cutting, and make sure it fits snugly into the the frame.  We also purchased glazing points to mount the steel in the frame, but small tacks would work too.  The metal can be covered with a thin fabric before inserting into the frame if you like, but I kind of like the look of the metal ~ plus I figure I'm just going to cover it up with lots of little inspirations :)

PS ~ The wooden shelves were yoinked from a pile in a thrift store for $4.00 and are really nice heavy wood from Ethan Allen (I'm not above rummaging the piles in the corner of the thrift store either!)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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