Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pillowcase Donations for ConKerr Cancer

Congratulations to Emily Parent for organizing Girl Scout Cadette Troop 446 in Sykesville to help her with her Silver Award Project.  The girls chose and purchased fabric, designed, and crafted fifty pillow cases to drop off at our quilt shop at Spring Water Designs for donation to ConKerr Cancer.

Just looking at their handiwork, bright colors and designs put a smile on my face :) 
To that effort the pillowcases have been collected by the Baltimore Chapter Coordinator, and according to their website donations will be sent to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Gilchrist, Camp Sunrise and Sinai Hospital.
Giving Sick Kids a reason to smile one pillow case at a time”.  As some of you may know we are a drop off site for the Baltimore Chapter of   ConKerr Cancer was started in 2002 when Cindy Kerr began making colorful pillow cases for her son Ryan who was in the hospital for long periods of time.  The pillowcases brightened up his hospital room and put a smile on his face.  The pillowcases became so loved that Cindy and friends began making them for other sick children.
ConKerr Cancer is making a difference for children.  Please join us in our quest for smiles! 
·       Make a cheerful pillowcase (stop by the shop for a free pillowcase pattern, and we also carry pillowcase kits that you can purchase)
·       Donate fabric or other sewing materials to the cause
We have generous customers that drop them off on an ongoing basis ~ All donations will be applied to the Baltimore Chapter of ConKerrcancer.

Enjoy the day!

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