Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Little Peek at the Handi Quilter Headquarters in Utah

Bob & I have been here in Salt Lake City Utah this week for training at the Handi Quilter headquarters.  I wanted to share just a few of the photos I've been taking of the Amazing quilts on display throughout the entire building. As soon as you walk in the front door you're greeted with these beauties :)

Quilts are on the stair well...
 ,,,and where we eat lunch every day.

 The quilting of course is Awesome!

 There are quilts throughout the building in all the offices...

...and conference rooms, and cubbies.  They are so nice and put up with us all going around and checking them all out :)
Check this out ~ this one by Cathy Wiggins is even quilted on Leather!
I'll try to post more tomorrow evening when we're collapsed in the hotel :)
Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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