Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It Warm's a Mother's Heart...

Not too long ago while working at the shop, I looked up and realized that all of my girls have become quilters ~ not just piecers, but I've got them all playing on the Handi Quilter machines too :) 

My oldest  daughter, Heather started making quilts back when she was in college.  But recently she has been working with me at the shop the last few months, and has really been quilting up a storm.

 This day she was quilting some placemats that she's made for shop samples.

My "newest" daughter Ashley (soon to marry my son later this month), has started putting in some hours in her free time working at the shop with us too!  Ashley's Grandmother Sharon taught her to sew, and she's made a couple of quilts in her younger days...

This cute little crib quilt is her first shop sample for us, and she even quilted it up with a nice and  even all over meander :)

My younger daughter, Lisa worked at the shop last Summer, and is putting in some weekends working with us when she can.  She's sewn for a few years now too.  This was her playing on the HQ machines a few months ago. 

...And one of the "wholecloth" quilts that she's made for her daughters when she was practicing. 

This one was for Abby :) 

...And slow but sure, I'm even getting Bob on the machines too (He's a good sport and let me take his picture when we were at Handi Quilter training in Salt Lake City).  Bob had been in Tech training for several days, but attended the Pro Stitcher training afterwards with me...and he's quite good at it :)

I'll have to see if I can get my son on the machines next...and then it's on to the Grand Children! 

 ...we're starting to work on Emily already :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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