Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're Having a Jo Morton Charm Swap!

Do you think I have enough Jo Morton fabrics to cut out some charms to swap? Last week I had mentioned that we were wanting to hold a 5" charm swap in our shop's Jo Morton Club, and figured I'd open it up to any Jo fans that read my blog too. We have had a really nice response of people who are interested in participating, so here are the details of the swap:

• Block size to swap is 5” Charm Squares. Please remove selvages before cutting your squares.
• Only fabrics designed by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics are to be included.
• Send in as many sets of (8) blocks as you wish, with no more than (8) squares of the same
fabric. (One 5” strip of fabric 42” wide will yield 8 charms). They can be all different with no
duplicates – that’s ok too.
• You will receive back as many squares as you send ~ hopefully all different (as long as we
don’t all send in the same few fabric prints). I will try to have as few duplicates as possible.
This is where the More the Merrier comes in to play!
• Place your squares in a plastic bag with your name on it and the number of sets included.
For example:
Dawn Stewart
5 Sets
(5 sets would be 40 squares)

Squares are due to me by October 15th. (You can bring them to our shop’s Jo Morton
meetings or participate through the mail.)
• I will turn them around and return the swapped blocks to you by November 1st ~ as long as
everyone meets the October 15th deadline.
• Swapped blocks that are turned in at a Jo Club meeting can be picked up at the shop anytime
after November 1st, or at our November Jo Club meetings.
• If participating by mail, email me so I know you plan on participating and I can give you my
mailing address, along with special instructions for receiving your blocks back through the

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve had enough people express an interest in the swap that it should be a lot fun!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Angie's Chit Chatting Corner said...

I have a question. Since you are a shop owner/employee how do you recommend that I suggest new things to my local quilt shops owner. She seems to be one who likes to be in charge and not one who listen throughly before stopping you.

I would love to do this at my local shop but I don't want to approach her the wrong way.

Karen said...

Wow, I don't think I have quite that much Jo fabric. LOL
I was hoping to do this swap, but am now wondering if the timing is going to be too tight. I'll send you an e-mail.