Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wind Back in My Sails...

Have you ever felt like this little doll?  I've had a crazy week and a half, and have felt like she looks for most of it ~ I hate to admit it, but I probably do look a little bit like her too.  I've been super busy (both with quilty work and "day job" work), then I was sick over the weekend which caused me to miss a much needed quilt retreat with my sewing buddies :(

Now knee deep in another busy week (mostly "day job" work, which is NOT my fun work, and preparing my house for an upcoming party this weekend),  I got some fun news that brightened my week...The August issue of Create & Decorate is now on news stands!

...and if you turn to page 22, you'll see my little quilt The Wind in Your Sails.  It's a cute little quilted banner that's really easy and quick to make up, just in time for Summer!   

That bit of news has perked me up, and now with the wind restored to my sails, I can get through the rest of my work week, get my house cleaned and ready for guests, and enjoy the Baptism of my little Abby on Sunday ~ and maybe not look so much like the little doll on the cover of the magazine through it all :)

Enjoy, And be Thankful for the day!
~ Dawn

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rubyslipperz said...

Yes! I've felt like how the doll looks...
I've gone up to my sewing room, sat in my chair in front of my "sweet" sewing machine...and, not felt like sewing... ugh!

=) new follower =)