Monday, September 24, 2012

From a Quilter's Point of View

This was the view from my hotel for the last week :) Bob and I have just returned from Bountiful Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City where we attended training at the HandiQuilter headquarters.  Bob took refresher training on repairing/servicing all of the HQ machines, and I learned about set up, operating and sales for all of them.  
Here we were doing some hands on learning for getting the tension right on a variety of different weights and types of threads ~ Yes, he jumped right in there and is actually very good at machine quilting ~ isn't he the coolest hubby :)

We worked on sample quilt layouts and learned how to use the Pro-Stitcher computerized quilting system too.

(This was a collaboration that Bob & I worked on together)

We toured the HQ facilities and saw where they put the machines together and where they did quality control stitch outs.

We were told we could take pictures anywhere in the facility, and I did get some other shots in the factory...

...but we were also told that we could take pictures of the quilts hanging throughout the offices and training facility, so most of my pictures are like these...

 ...lots of quilting close ups (can you tell I'm looking for quilting ideas?)

That's what you get when the camera is in the hands of a quilter!

We stayed for a few days after the training and got to do a little site seeing around the area too (I snapped some other pictures I'll show you later this week).  We had a wonderful week in Utah and have some exciting things coming up here soon, so stay tuned!

For now, check out our HQFALLFUN sale going on right now on the Website!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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