Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Day of Charity Sewing for the Babies

This morning I packed up my car and headed into downtown Baltimore to the South East Early Head Start Center to spend the day doing some sewing with my friends from the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild.  We've donated items to the center in the past, so it was a treat to have our little Sew-In in their facility and see where our donations are put to good use :)  

I started my sewing day with making these easy fleece hats.  Heather of quilt.cook.keep showed me how to whip them up, and boy do they go together quickly. Click Here for a tutorial that Heather has on exactly how to sew them. 

Here are a few that I made. (Aren't they just adorable!)  One yard of fleece will yield six baby/toddler sized hats.

We had quite a little "sweat shop" going (See the pile of baby hats that Heather made!).  Amy started with making the baby sleep sacks that were so soft and cuddly.

Other members stopped by during the day to pitch in a bit, or drop things off.  Deb, Nancy, and Kimberly helped out with cutting and fringing, and Daniella came and dropped off a bag full of hats that she had made at home.  

We even had Gayne, the center's director, working away sewing up little sleep sacks too.

Here's the pile that Gayne and Amy whipped up today. 

Then after I worked on hats, I moved on to a few cloth books.  These were made from cloth book panels that my friend Sheri Thompson donated to us (Thanks again Sheri!)

 Once I made one, the second one went together even quicker, and they are so cute!

We had quite the assembly line going there for a while...

 Heather made up a Color/Counting book...

By the afternoon, along with the cozy fleece sleep sacks, we had a few of the cloth books made up...

And this big pile of hats ~ our goal is to make enough hats for each child to be gifted one, and for the center to have some extras for when the kiddies' hats are forgotten and left at home. 

...and did I tell you that cupcakes were involved ~ Thanks Daniella for bringing the cuppies! It was a great way to spend the day and celebrate the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild's Second birthday :)

Click: The Kennedy Krieger Institute SE Early Head Start Program for information on the center and to contact Gayne, the director on how to make donations. 

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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