Friday, March 15, 2013

International Quilting Day in Lancaster

I started out this week with a road trip to Lancaster with my quilting buddy Mary, Quilter Extraordinaire!  We had Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher training to attend on Tuesday, so of course it made sense to trek up on Monday and make the rounds to some area shops.  The first one we hit was Obie's.   I had never been there before, it was definitely a new experience for me... and Wow is all I can say!

Things in Obie's are stacked to the ceiling.  You can find a little bit of everything, including Penny Candy :)

There are ribbons and trims, barrels of buttons, finished quilts, and of course the fabric...

...Boy is there fabric.  It's literally stacked everywhere!  I found some treasures that I'll show you as soon as I cut it up :)

How's this for a cozy upstairs loft?  If you're ever in the area of Goodville, PA, Obie's is most definitely worth a visit ~ finds around every corner and at good prices too!

Then the next day we headed on over to the Lancaster Convention Center to play on the Pro-Stitcher all day :)

Mary and I took turns playing on the Avante's that were set up for us, and learning how easy it is to get the most out of all of the Pro-Stitcher features ~ I love my job :)

And for the cherry on top, we are heading back up tomorrow on another Lancaster adventure with our Bee friends to spend International Quilting Day enjoying the Lancaster AQS Quilt Show together... and to bring a couple of Avante's home with us!  Mary and one other friend pre-bought two of the show demo machines through me ~ Have I told you I love my job?  

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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Sue said...

Oh my Obie's takes me back to 2002 when I visited with my late husband. Health and safety could be a huge problem in there but what fun. I have a wonderful picture of my husband in an Amish straw hat.
Enjoy your new machine.