Sunday, July 14, 2013

Working on the Flag

Here's a little glimpse of some photos I shot during my time working on the Stitching History Project at the Maryland Historical Society last week (I was there this past Wednesday, so things have progressed since my photos).  These are the wool bunting fabrics that we are using.

 And here are some of the red and white stripes cut and layed out ready to be stitched together. 

The white and red stripes are folded together and clipped, then basted together.

Then the basted seams folded over are sewn together in a double row. 

And work continues on the blue canton field that will hold the fifteen stars.  It's also being sewn together in strips. 

We even had some young ladies come and help out last week.  They were working on cutting out small stars that will be put in kits that will be available for purchase to make your own 4 x 6 foot replica of the Star Spangled Banner.  (I'll let you know when kit orders are available.)

It was really nice to have the young ladies come and help out.  One was even named Caroline, just like Mary Pickersgill's daughter of approximately the same age :)

As people continue to stitch, the flag is growing ~ I go up into the city again tomorrow, and can't wait to see the progress, and will snap some more photos!

Don't forget to visit the project's Kickstarter campaign.  We're half way to our goal, but we have to meet it by the end of the month! 

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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pizzaeater said...

I wish I was involved in such a patriotic mission. It looks like fun.