Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seeing Stars!

After being away for a week, I went up to Baltimore to work on the Flag Project again today, and this is what I found ~ Stars!

Here's where the short stripes are in the process (these are the ones that go next to the blue field of stars).

 And the long stripes are coming along too!

But the focus this week was on getting the stars started on the blue canton.  Mimi Dietrich is the lady in charge of the stars.  During the week she worked with a group of stitchers to lay out all the stars, position them in their "spangled" configuration and get them basted in place.  Here she is showing some volunteers (Kathy & Polly) how we are to stitch them for consistancy.

I got to work on stitching a star today too :)  Each of the 15 cotton stars is 24" across from point to point and will be basically stitched down twice.  Here the stars are being appliqued on what will be the back side of the flag. 
We're using 1/4" long stitches to catch a good bit of the blue wool since it is a pretty loose weave.  Then the flag will be turned over, and the blue fabric will be cut away leaving a seam allowance that will then be reverse appliqued down.  That will become the front of the flag, and you will be able to see the stars from both sides. 

As I left today, much progress was getting made :)

Don't forget to tune in to American Patchworking and Quilting Radio tomorrow online to hear more about the Flag Project and Kristen Schenning and little ol' me talking with Pat Sloan!  You can listen live at 4:00 p.m. EST This Link, or download the podcast later.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Diane said...

I put my stitch in yesterday. It was really exciting to be part of this project.

Barbara said...

So happy to be able to see the progress and the stitching and all my friends working on the flag! (from here in my cubicle at work) :-) Thank you!

Arrow Hunk said...
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