Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moving In...

So we've been busy, busy here with with cleaning, more painting, and a bit of least Bob has been building ~ he's made this great check out counter for me.  The back side has great storage, and there's a second part to it that will go on the left of it for me to have a sewing station.

And he's painted it with this great crackle effect to age it :)

This morning I took these photos of the empty rooms (nicely painted if I do say so myself, but pretty much empty). 
...Since these photos were taken, we spent the day moving stuff in.  There's more to move tomorrow, and then much to be arranged and put away this week...I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


MK Kerr said...

Looks like Bob the Builder is doing a great job and the new space is really coming along.

Laura said...

Great progress, Dawn! I am so excited for you! All the best!