Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Sock That Fits and a New Pattern

Remember that sock class that I'm tackling as my New Year's thing to learn...well here's the progress that I'm making after restarting only three times. For some reason I find that I need to do something at least three times with the knitting before it starts sinking in.

Today I was feeling under the weather so I took a sick day and spent most of it in my comfy chair knitting, and I turned my first heel! Don't look at it too closely, it's far from perfect, but I'm happy with it so far ~ and it fits my foot (so I get to keep this pair Starlyn!). We have one more class next week where we learn to close the toe.

Also, I have had many requests for a pattern for the Quick Pre-Quilted Tote that I posted about earlier, so it's now available here in my Etsy Store. It's the first of my Make-It-Today pattern series which will include quick to make projects at a reduced pattern cost :)

And for the people who asked what fabric I used for the tote pocket: It's from a collection called "Close to My Heart" designed by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda Fabrics.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Rita said...

Love the socks, Dawn. I tried knitting once years ago and wasn't very successful. One of these days, I'm going to try it again.

Congratulations are your first pattern! That's so exciting. Feel better soon :-)

TheaM said...

wow - that's a major knitting milestone!
Congratulations - I'm still working on heel turning - don't have it quite right yet.... nice to know it IS possible!

Mary St. John Nielsen said...

WOO HOO! The sock looks great! Way to go!!