Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally a Little Time in the Sewing Room

Elsie is visiting here at Grandma's house while attending Vacation Bible School at our church each evening this week, and today we had a little free time so we decided to make some little fleece owls, one for Elsie and one to take home for little sister Abby. 

First we needed to make a pattern.  Elsie was very diligent at designing prototype patterns for Grandma to work from. 

Then of course she had to "design" some more on the pattern that we decided on.  (It's actually an enlarged copy of the applique owl template from my Abby's Owl Quilt Pattern). 

While Elsie designed, I fused and cut out some shapes for the owls eyes, beaks and bellies.  (...and of course I cut out owl bodies from fleece material for front and back for each owl, I just didn't get a picture of that ~ my little helper was keeping me kind of busy).

Then there was the fun of deciding where all the shapes should go.   We fused them in place, and I blanket stitched around the appliqued shapes.  (If using fleece for the bodies, just be sure to not set the iron too hot, and keep it moving slightly so as not to melt/scorch the fleece material).

After sewing around the edges of the owl body shapes right sides together, and leaving an opening at the bottom for turning right side out...we stuffed them :)

...And played a little too... 

After all, at this point with a hole in the bottom for stuffing, they made great puppets!  After much owl puppet dialog, we finally did get them finished and the bottoms whip stitched shut.  Elsie goes home tomorrow, and Grandma gets back to some real work after that, but today was about fun, and it felt really good to get back in my sewing room, even if it was just to play :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


AmyJo said...

Wow those Owl's sure are cute and your Grandbaby looks like she had a lot of fun helping :)

Quilthaze said...

Such fun! Those owls do look cuddly.