Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trying Out a New Ruler

Day 1 is here for the Sullivan's Cutting Edge Ruler Blog Hop!  Every day there will be two Bloggers who will share about their experiences with the rulers, some fun stuff about themselves, a recipe for you, and of course some free give aways!

Heather came over and spent a day in my sewing room, and wanted to try out these new rulers that she's been hearing so much about for herself.  This one is now hers :)

As a beginning quilter, her favorite feature of the ruler was the non-skid frosting, even more than the diamond incrusted edge that sharpens your rotary blades as you cut ~ although that may be because I provide her with the rotary blades :)  She did have to get used to the extra half inch on the edge of the ruler (this one is 6-1/2" x 12-1/2"), but once she adjusted to that, she really liked that better than her old 6" wide ruler.

These are the fabrics that Heather cut for her Quick Mystery Block of the Month Runner ~ she just couldn't resist jumping in!  I'll show you her progress on the Block One later in the week. 

Click on the above Button for more information and the free pattern for the Spring Water Designs  Quick Mystery BOM Runner, and sew along with us!

Look for Sullivan's Cutting Edge Rulers at your local quilt shop, or you can find them in our Web Store (click View All to see all the sizes that we have in stock).

Hop on over to today's two Bloggers for the Sullivan's Cutting Edge Ruler Hop, and leave a comment to get in on the give aways!
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And don't forget our Blog Hop Hostest with the Mostest, Pat Sloan who is always full of fun surprises!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


~Laurie~ said...

I am loving seeing how all of you use these rulers! AND I love the sharpening bonus :) Hope I win one!!

Pamela said...

These rulers look fabulous, and what a bonus to sharpen your blade as you cut!

Sharon said...

You will also find chocolate in my refrig. but it's well hidden!! ;)

I love the idea of the ruler and extending the life of my rotary blades!!