Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Productive Day of Fun Sewing

Today was a Sew In day with friends, and I like to take just fun, kind of mindless sewing when I go to these days.  I got everything accomplished that I wanted to get to today, and that's always a good feeling :) 

This first one I got the binding put on today to finish it up ~ it's a little quilt that I made as my donation quilt for the Log Cabin challenge that the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild was doing, and the quilts will go to the SE Early Childcare center in Baltimore.  The quilts were due at last month's meeting, but I missed that one so mine didn't get in on the quilt display that was put up at Kennedy Kraiger, but it's going to tomorrow's meeting and will still get donated to a little kiddo.   Btw, the whale's name is Steven...I asked Elsie to name the quilt, thinking she'd say something along the lines of Willie the Whale...but after a little thought, she said his name should be Steven ~ So Steven it is :)
I also got these two tops pieced today.  I'm making these quilts for my cousin's grandsons, they are 8" squares made up of fabrics that interest each boy.  One has footballs and basketballs, etc. and the other has guitars and music notes.  They each will get an inner and outer border and then be ready for quilting and off to them for Christmas gifts :)

And finally today I put some extra borders on this top that I had made up a while back after swapping these blocks with my sewing buddies.  I need another Queen size rather than Full size quilt, so this one just needed to be made a little bit larger.  Maddie liked it as soon as I brought it home and draped it out to snap a photo :)
And here are some of the things that got finished at the Sew In today by others.  Starlyn and Mary finished the last bit of hand quilting that needed to be done on this block of the month quilt that Starlyn had made a while back and just hadn't gotten it completed.  It's so cool to see some hand quilting getting finished :)

Chris finished piecing together this beautiful quilt that she made from a block of the month.  I love the different size blocks throughout this quilt. 

And Cappy added the borders on this awesome black/white quilt to complete the top.  It's going to be a raffle quilt being raffled off at Halloween to benefit her Border Collie rescue group, so contact me if you're interested in trying to win it, and I'll hook you up with the ticket sales.

I'm glad I was able to make it today, it was a fun and productive day visiting, eating and sewing with good friends :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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Laura said...

Wow! You got a lot done! Love your little whale quilt! Right now I am staring at the quilt I am working on. It is all over the living room floor. Haven't made my nametag yet either. Hmmm....