Sunday, May 24, 2009

You Can Find Us Digging in the Dirt

Today Elsie and I can be found in the garden. Bob has a shooting match, and the kids have taken a trip to Busch Gardens, so I'm spending the day watching Elsie. We'll be digging in the dirt.
This is Elsie in her garden box. We'll be putting some pumpkin seeds in here today.

I have to move some existing plants around, and plan to plant some more herbs. We may take a little field trip to the garden center if we need to get out for a while, but mostly we'll just be enjoying the day.

I won't be getting to much sewing this week as Bobby graduates high school on Thursday, and we will be having company for most of the week. (My mom is coming in from Kentucky ~ Yay!). I took off this week from the quilt shop, so this week will be mostly about cooking, cleaning, and visiting with the people I love :)

Enjoy your day!
~ Dawn

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