Thursday, August 19, 2010

And I Didn't Even Use Miracle Grow!

Wow, I haven't posted to my blog since last week when Abby was born!  Time has really gotten away from me this last few weeks.  Well, I'm back home now and getting settled in to the regular swing of life for the moment.  I took some time and went out into the garden today to check things out, and to my surprise my red spikey things (sorry I'm terrible with botanical names) were blooming beautifully in my center pot :)

But along with my flowers, there are some other things that are going great guns.  The Morning Glory's and some super sized grass type thing have taken over.  My little bunny is barely peaking out.  

This wild mess is my tomato plant box.  I have tomatoes everywhere, and the vines are so thick, I can hardly find them all!  This is looking like a lot of work here shortly... for somebody.

And what is going on with my Hen and Chicks?  I've only been gone two weeks, and they are mutating into some strange prehistoric plants.

That super sized grass is everywhere too.  I'm tempted not to pull it up, just to see how large it will actually get!
Hopefully I'll be getting to some sewing soon, but my sewing room has some "weeding" that needs to be done in there too.  From all my comings and goings it's quite a mess right now.  I think tomorrow morning I'll take some time and try to excavate my cutting table :)  Even if it means a lot of work, I am glad to be home!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Pat said...

We are discovering that our flower beds are becoming too much for us to handle....might have to hire someone to do them at least once a month next year...hopefully, there are people who DO that kind of thing here.

Dawn said...

Well Dawn, I must say they are the strangest Hens and Chicks I have ever seen! Maybe the acid rain? lol Good to have you back, grandma:)