Friday, August 6, 2010

Repairing the Past

Take a cool old patchwork quilt like this one...

...and let Rover have at it, and this is what you get.

There were small holes on the back that didn't go all the way through too.

So I was commissioned to do a little first aid.  I added some thin batting, and then patched up the back.  (The quilter of this old quilt had used an old blanket as the batting.) 

Then after patching up the back of the big hole, I added some batting, found similar fabrics (that I pre-washed), and appliqued patches over the front hole.  I added two patches to the front to cover that big hole.  It's important to maintain the integrity of the vintage quilt to make sure any repairs I make don't alter the quilt indefinitely.  (Anything I do could be removed and the the quilt would still be in completely original form.) 

Now she has been reinvigorated, and is all ready to warm a few more generations ~ I love my job :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Ceamz said...

great job! I have a "find" that needs the same but will probably leave as is for now. I like your work could be easily "undone" if wanted.

SheilaC said...

I have a quilt that my grandmother made for me. Not all cotton fabrics, and some have frayed at the seams, causing tears.
Could I use this method to patch it up?

I think there is an old blanket inside as batting as well.

My grandmother was of the utilitarian quilt generation, every and any scrap of cloth found its way into a quilt. I treasure mine..... she made it as a wedding gift for me and was probably one of the last full sized quilts she made.

I also have 3 child sized quilt tops... she wanted the great grandchildren to have a quilt but she only had the energy to make the tops.

Again, mixtures of different fabrics. I haven't attempted to sandwich or quilt them yet!! I just love to look at them :)