Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quilt Market Schoolhouse Heros

Schoolhouse, the day before Quilt Market opens, is a program that offers one session after another all day long where you get to see the new and exciting things coming out in the quilt world.  First I had the dilemma of choosing what sessions to attend and what to pass on.  Some sessions are purely educational, and not full of glitz and glamor.  I attended several web/marketing education classes ~ which is what I needed to be doing ~ but they weren't exciting enough to take pictures in that's for sure. 

But I did get to attend some sessions that were hosted by some of my favorites in the Quilt World.  I was so happy to see Elly Sienkiewicz and the beautiful quilt that she was showcasing from her book, Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts.  There is also a wonderful exhibit of Baltimore Album quilts at Market/Festival this year that is a must see if you're there, but pictures aren't allowed for most of it. 

There is a new program that was kicked off at Market in conjunction with Quilts of Valor called Under Our Wings. 

Marianne Fons hosted along with Catherine Roberts, the founder and Executive Director of Quilts of Valor.  The ladies introduced the new program that is bringing 9 different fabric companies under one tent to work together to release special Quilts of Valor fabric lines for making patriotic quilts for those military members who have been touched by war.  The Under Our Wings program is an incentive to pair up a mentor with a non-quilter to make a quilt to give.  It looks exciting ~ be watching for the QOV fabric lines coming out in the Spring from Andover, Clothworks, Marcus Fabrics, Moda, P&B, Quilting Treasures, Red Rooster, Timeless Treasures, and Windham.

I of course went to the Accuquilt Go Baby presentation and enjoyed Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson have a little fun, in that sweet Ricky and Alex style. 

Another of my favorite Schoolhouses was to see Lynda Hall's quilt from her new book with Kansas City Star, called A Little Porch Time.  I was sorry to miss Lynda, but Edie McGinnis
is so nice, and filled in for Lynda beautifully :)

And of course I couldn't miss the Jo Morton Schoolhouse session :)  This is a picture of Jo with a quilt made from her design Cut the Mustard, that a lady made using the Annandale fabric collection.  It was stunning!

 Another one of Jo's goodies :)

These are sneak peeks at some of the projects coming up in the Jo Little Women's club 10.  The next club will be run a little differently than in the past.  I don't have details yet, but basically there will be 8 projects that will span the course of a year instead of 6 months. 

Picture quality took a back seat to just trying to snap a shot as a quilt passed by, and many of my pictures were filled with people's heads and deemed not blog-worthy (and remember, I'm still learning this new camera and it's idiosyncrasies), but this gives a little sampling of what goes on at Schoolhouse.  

And alas, I'm still unpacking...but check back tomorrow for my annual Quilt Market Goodie Giveaway...I promise to have my goodies unpacked by then :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Jocelyn said...

Oh wow what fun. I love seeing all the new patterns. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen said...

Thanks for the school house sneak peak! loved it all!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What fun you had at the school house sessions!

Carole said...

Thank you so much for posting this! What fun! Cheers!