Monday, November 1, 2010

Whirlwind Trip to Houston

I'm back home already from my whirlwind trip to Houston (where the weather was just gorgeous by the way!).  Quilt Market is still going on, and I'm home already.  I had to do this Quilt Market quickly because I had to be home by Sunday evening, so I really was only there for Friday (School House) and Saturday (Day One of the Market Floor)...And half of Saturday I worked at the Quiltwoman booth, so I covered the entire Market Floor in a record 3 hours ~ as the blister on the bottom of my foot can attest to!

Being behind the scenes at Set Up of Quilt Market was an interesting experience.  This is the night before opening day, still lots of crates. 

Everyone is buzzing away at their own booths, and stuff is everywhere, but it all works out with beautiful results.  I was in awe.

I stopped in on the Quiltwoman booth after school house to help with set up, but Nancy and Jen had most if it done.  So dinner was in order, and I just came back early the next morning to help with sorting patterns, and all of the last minute touches that needed to be done before the opening.  

Quiltwoman has 5 booth spots this year right at the end of the 300 row (I couldn't even fit it all in my photo), and they are going to remain there through Quilt Festival!  If you're going to Festival, just look for the Red booths :)

And here are my two quilts that are hanging in the booth, Circle Gets the Square and Abby's Owl! You can see that I took this picture while set up was still in progress.  Once I was working the booth Saturday morning, I was too busy to snap pictures!

And my Minneapolis Tote is hanging on the end ~ everyone who goes to the bathroom on that end of the hall will go right by spot I think :)

I'll have some Schoolhouse pictures here tomorrow, and some sneak peeks at Jo Morton's upcoming Little Women Club 10.  Right now I have to unpack, and start going through all of my new "work" that I just brought home...and maybe do a little laundry too.  

Enjoy the Day!
~ Dawn


kimbuktu said...

So exciting! Congrats. Quiltmarket looks like a lot of fun.

Barbara said...

Beautiful photos. Quick trip was better than no trip at all !

PLEASE tell me the name of the stained glass looking quilt in the fourth show photo ( DSCN0100) - I went thru all the quilt patterns on QW site and did not see anything similar

thanks for the great quick tour

Dawn said...

That quilt is called Carrefour #MR-144 designed by Marjorie Rhine of Quilt Design Northwest. Isn't is stunning :)