Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmasy Thoughts

Are you thinking Christmasy thoughts yet?  Well we are ~ Lisa and I have decided to do a local craft show the first weekend in November.  I haven't worked a craft show in years, and never with my daughter, so we should have a blast!  

We'll be taking Quilts and quilted items of course, Infinity Scarves by Lisa...and Christmas items!  So that means among my customer orders I'm working on, and multiple deadlines before heading off to Quilt Market next week, Lisa came up for the weekend and we made Christmas ornaments and gifts.  Here's a little sampling of what we did all weekend...

(These wool trees were cut out with my AccuQuilt GO! cutter Holiday Medley Die and layers were fused to make them sturdy)

Dad cut up some wood for us ~ We're capitalizing on some of that hurricane damage that we sustained back in August :)

We put together some little dittys that I've been planning to make for a long time.

And Lisa brought me this neat idea.  These little post-it holders will make great affordable teacher and co-worker gifts!

We got out the scrapbook papers, ribbons and embellishments (I have a bunch of all of that stuff, because my scrapbooks are yet to be made). 

We made a bunch in different sizes, colors and styles ~ they were actually quite addictive, and we got a little carried away :)

And we didn't forget the Dad's either, they need cool stuff on the desk at work too!

To really make some progress we had to do most of our creating after the little ones went to bed at night.  Then we got out the snacks, turned on the TV and played ~ one night we got carried away and "played"  until after mid-night.  Even if we don't sell a thing at the actual event, I've already enjoyed this craft on :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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