Saturday, November 2, 2013

When going through my photos from walking the show quilts at Quilt Market, I realized that most of my pictures are actually like this one ~ up close and personal of the quilting. 

 I took some pictures of entire quilts when they really struck me like this one.

Or grabbed me and left me in awe, like this one (that left me amazed at the math involved in making the illusion happen).

But now that I'm focusing more on my machine quilting these days...

...By and large my photos were close ups of how the quilts were quilted...

Quilt shows are truly amazing :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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Anonymous said...

Yes in deed quilt shows are amazing. I have no desire to quilt my quilts but find as time goes on I am paying much more attention to quilting I seen on quilts. I am sure one day the "all over" design that I get the quilter to use will not be enough. There are some truly amazing quilters out there.

Farm Quilter said...

As a longarm quilter, I do the very same thing!!! Thank you for sharing up-close quilty goodness :)