Friday, November 1, 2013

Handi Quilter News from Quilt Market

One of the main reasons Bob and I attended Quilt Market is because we are Handi Quilter Reps, and wanted to see all of the new items being introduced this Fall in person at the Handi Quilter Booth ~ Bob stayed me with like a trooper through all of the fabric and notions at Market, but it really was the machinery that he was there to see...and of course to go to the Handi Quilter party on Saturday night :)

One of the great new Fall introductions that I didn't get any photos of is the new feature on the Pro Stitcher where you no longer have to walk around and drop levers on the carriage to engage the gears when you want to use the Pro Stitcher, this is now a button built into the Pro Stitcher!  Very cool for all the Stand Up Frame quilters. 
I don't need any photos of this because I ordered a new Avante with Pro Stitcher and will have it in my Studio shortly for you to see!

But for the Sit Down quilters, here I'm checking out the new table option for the Sweet Sixteen Sit Down machine!  It offers a wonderful new choice for the  Sweet Sixteen (Can you tell I'm really a "kick the tires" kind of gal?)

There's lots of surface space without having to add any extensions and there's storage underneath.  The table has an automatic built in hydraulic lift that will lower and raise the machine, so it can be stored inside when the machine is not in use...

...and the feature that's totally worth the cost of the table (which is very reasonable considering all it does and how heavy duty it is) ~ with the push of a button, it will also raise the machine up three inches above the table to access the bobbin area ~ no more bending to look underneath!
Yea ~ I'll be ordering this in too :)

This picture better shows the space inside where the machine can drop down into, and the sides close in to completely contain and store the machine away when it's not in use.  A great feature for people who have limited space or are quilting in a spare bedroom.  Notice it also comes on casters so even though it's heavy, it's easy to move around.  When closed up the table is a great size for another cutting or work surface in the sewing studio.

Another exciting introduction this Fall that works with all HQ machines is the conversion kit to be able to easily change the feet on your Handi Quilter machines from closed toe to open toe hopping foot.  This makes it easier to change feet when you want a closed hopping foot for ruler work, but want to quickly change to and open foot for microquilting, much like changing feet on a regular domestic sewing machine.  And there is also a set of three Couching Feet available for some exciting embellishing ideas.

I watched Helen Godden demonstrate how easy it is to couch a pretty yarn or fiber onto your quilt while you're quilting it!  I sat down and played with it myself, and it really is easy!

There are some more items coming out like new video sets including some featuring Debby Brown, some ruler gripper strips, and this Bobbin Box for your larger M size bobbins :) 

All the new items are starting to ship this month (the new Pro Stitcher is shipping now along with many of the smaller items), and the new Sweet Sixteen table starting to ship by December 1st.  I'll be carrying everything, and will have them up on our Website soon, so contact me if you have any questions, or would like to place your orders!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Thanks for a look at all the upcoming new HQ goodies! An HQ machine is still on my wishlist...someday...sigh! Have a super day!

Maria OHaver said...

Hi Dawn.. a familiar face.. I like your madras tote pattern and I love your block and the designs it makes... very creative.