Thursday, October 22, 2009

The end of last month I was making little hearts to applique.

I used them to make this heart wreath. Don't look at it too closely, it's a little crooked and the spacing is not perfect. I kind of drug my feet on making this block, it wasn't my favorite. I almost substituted another block for this month's, but in the spirit of participation I started making the little hearts. Then during this month I had a friend who had major surgery, and another one with a recurrence of breast cancer. The little hearts took on a different significance. As I stitched each one down, I said a prayer for my friends. I kind of made it my own little heart rosary.

Hand work for me, is done during my evening quiet time, so it's the perfect venue for prayer and contemplation. It can be very therapeutic too. Last October when I had my own lumpectomy (wow, has it been a year already?), I had just begun this Baltimore Applique class/adventure, and what a blessing that was ~ working on these blocks helped me stay sane/in denial throughout the whole biopsy and surgery process. Having a project to stitch gave me something tangible to focus on during stressful times, and helped to keep things in perspective. Even though this little heart block is not "perfect", it will definitely have a special place in my finished quilt.

Enjoy the day,
~ Dawn

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Rita said...

Dawn your block is wonderful and now you will have a special memory every time you look at it. Isn't it a blessing that we can work through our situations with prayer and reflection while we stitch? I pray your friends are doing well.