Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Kitchen Progress and Playing in the Sewing Room

Quick Update: Everything on the first floor of the house is now covered with a fine layer of drywall dust, but we have walls again in the kitchen! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, flooring installation commences today, (only a week late) so keep your fingers crossed.

It hasn't been too bad though, Bob has an outlet in the garage for his welder that accommodates the stove, so we have been able to whip up a few simple meals to mix in with the take out :)

While Bob worked on the kitchen, I changed out the hard drive in our pc and worked on installing software and files all day (it literally took all day). So, in the midst of the craziness this weekend, and while the computer was thinking, I took refuge in front of the sewing machine. Along with finishing the last of my Christmas gifts, and working on a customer quilt, I worked on my Buffalo Ridge blocks for a block exchange.

I'm making three of each block and exchanging with a couple of friends. Now I'm working on a gaggle of Flying Geese to exchange with the blocks.

While sewing, I fired up the embroidery machine and whipped up these little guys. (I was really multitasking!)

They'll end up in a quilt someday. I just think they're fun.

I'm not so sure about Santa with a blond beard, I think I'll have to re-stitch him?

This little guy I put on a kitchen dish towel. I have a bunch of these towels that I picked up on sale, so I may do more of them with different characters, they made me smile.

So today is another computer day, so I'll have to see what else I can get done too :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Mary St. John Nielsen said...

Holy Smokes! you've been a busy lady ...

Miriam said...

Really cute embroideries!!

I hope the renovations are finished soon!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, do you have any electric pots or frying pans? When we renovated our kitchen a couple years ago, my electric buffet (3 large pots)and electric frying pan were life savers!I could even boil water for pasta!Love your blocks!Maybe you can bring them to Civil War Sunday or willthey be swapped by then? Dawn Burchett

Dawn said...

Dawn ~ I will bring the blocks in on Sunday, we don't exchange until after that :)