Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Week ~ So Lets Look At Some Quilts

It's been an incredibly busy week, and very productive. We have a lot of neat stuff coming up, but nothing that I can show right now ~ so let's look at some quilts! These are some of the quilts that struck me at the Annapolis Quilt Show a couple of weekends ago.

Both of these are Circuit Rider Quilts. This show was the first one that I noticed finished Circuit Rider Quilts being displayed in, and they really caught my eye. I'd walk around the corner and say Ahhh, and it would turn out to be a Circuit Rider Quilt, so I guess I really need to make one of these one day!

This Pineapple Quilt was really cool. I just loved the colors,

...and the way the pineapples were pieced.

This picture was taken for my friend Carolyn, who is making this same quilt pattern designed by Rose Hahn. It's just beautiful.

And I must be really into animal quilts lately, because this one tickled me. It had some really neat embellishments, and I kept looking at it so I had to take a picture of it.

Anyway, back to work now ~ but I just have to take a little quilt break every now and then ;)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Anonymous said...

I love the Baltimore Album/Circuit Rider quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Pat said...

Nice selection of quilts you shared here today...thanks!

Karen said...

I especially like the Baltimore style quilts.

Rita said...

I have the Circuit Rider Book and it's on my list of "some day" quilts. Thanks for the pictures.