Monday, June 14, 2010

Siggie Block Progress

While working on this month's Jo Morton Club project (I'll show you that later this week), I've been making these signature blocks for the Jo Morton Stitchers' Siggie Block Swap.

These traditional little blocks are really easy to make. First layer a 2.5" dark square on a 3.5" background square and sew from point to point. Chain stitching these makes the job go faster.

Then you can sew an optional seam about a half inch from the other one, and cut between the stitching lines. This allows the corners to be saved as half square triangles and eliminates the waste of just cutting off the corner triangles.

Do this on both sides, and press toward the dark squares.

Then Voila...I'm making 135 of these little blocks to swap. Now I'm working on signing my name...and signing...and signing...

And ~ the voting is up for the Project Quilting challenge, and my Scout Memory Quilt from yesterday's post can use some votes. As an added perk, when you vote, you also get entered into the giveaway :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Pat said...

I went and voted.....I really admire Scouts and love that you preserved the scout fabrics for that quilt! Nice siggy blocks...SOMEDAY, I'll get some Jo Morton fabric. (I think I told you I'd never SEEN any except on blogs!)

Rita said...

I'm finishing up my siggy blocks too, Dawn. It should be a great swap.