Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun New Fabrics & Going to the Ducks

Besides my Jo Morton sewing, I've got some other really cool projects in the works. I just got to open a box full of these yummy fabrics that I'm cutting into today! This collection is called Summer Song by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs. They are really fun fabrics that just make me smile to work with them.

And here's a peak at what I'm doing when I'm not sewing this week ~ Heather and I are working on Ducky things! Lisa's baby shower is this weekend at my house (Rubber Ducky themed), so I've been cleaning, and cleaning, and doing other silly things like rolling diapers to build a diaper cake centerpiece.

...And Heather helped me make this little duck pond (the ducks have numbers on the bottom like a carnival duck pond, and that's how the guests will "choose" a favor bag). The duck pond originally was a tub of water ~ but apparently as a group, Chinese-made rubber ducks don't float upright, so we resorted to plan B, which will probably be the less messy way to execute it with Elsie in attendance :)

So yes, I'm somewhat anal and I'm staging areas around the house to make sure that we have enough decorations while it's still early enough for me to run out for more if needed, and I've been working through my very comprehensive list. The rest of the week will be about baking and food preparation. Heather is trying a 3D Rubber Ducky cake ~ this will be a first for both of us, so I'll let you know how that one turns out.

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Missy said...

Hi Dawn, this is so weird! I'm looking at buying some rubber ducks in bulk too and was worried about them floating. They definitely need to float! I'm pretty sure I've looked at both the ducks in your pics too. I'll have to email/catch you at the next sit and sew to get your insight on these! Have fun at the baby shower :)

Nancy said...

what a cute idea to have a duck pond...

Dawn said...

Dawn, this reminds me of my daughter's baby shower. We played a game in which the night before you place these tiny babies in ice cube trays and then fill the trays with water to make ice cubes. The day of the party everyone picks one and places it in a little paper cup. You have to keep any eye on it throughout the shower. When it melts enough for the baby to break loose you holler out "My water broke!" Well, one of my friends brought her 3 year old son and while we were all sitting and chatting away, all of a suddden, in his little 3 yr old voice he hollers out "My water broke! My water broke!" It was hillarious! I knew we were going to have some children in attendance so I took him to the kids prize table. He chose a prize, but he really wanted to keep his little baby, so he did!