Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Milltown Show Recap & One Year Ago

I spent last weekend in this space at the Milltown Quilter's Quilt Show :)  My hosts were so nice and welcoming, and I loved that my booth space was bright and sunny!  I had a wonderful time meeting new quilters, and catching up with some friends I hadn't seen since I worked at And Sew It Goes quilt shop.

Here are a few "sights & sounds" from our little quilty space...

I couldn't have done these Spring shows and events this year without all the wonderful help I got from my great hubby and kids (They're getting the hauling and set-up down to a science!), and my good friends Mary and Starlyn who helped with set up, break down and work the events with me!
Have I mentioned that I'm feeling so blessed lately :)

...On a side note, I've recently realized that my I-Photo has a 12 month setting, and I can see what I was snapping photos of a year ago (Yea, I'm a little slow with the technology sometimes). 
This was a photo I took while walking around Shelbyville KY while visiting my mom this time last year.  Seeing it brought back memories and took me right back to that lovely sunny day ~ I loved the details on the old building (quilting or applique ideas maybe?)
Update: Mom is doing much better than last year when she was taking chemo to fight of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma :)

...and this is what I was working on a year ago.  It was an appreciation block for our Baltimore Applique Society president who was finishing her term in office. (Designed by Lori Smith)  

...I haven't done any hand applique lately, I think I need to get going on another block, I kind of miss it, and am getting that itch!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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Kathleen said...

It was great to see you at the Milltown show...and thanks for the bobbin for my HQ16 - made a huge difference!