Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where are the Cool Kids Hanging Out This Weekend?

Well the Cool Kids (Yes, I'm referring to Us!) will be found at the Carroll Baldwin Community Hall in my hometown, Savage Maryland this Friday and Saturday! 

It is a cool building, but why will we be hanging there you ask?  Well, because...

We'll be attending the Machine Quilting Classes hosted by Spring Water Designs and being taught by Internationally known, HandiQuilter Educator Extraordinaire and Author, Debby Brown!  Debby will be teaching four classes over the course of the two days.   
Full disclosure: This previous photo's not Debby ~ That's my Hubby quilting at HandiQuilter training in Salt Lake City last fall.  Click on over to Debby's Website to see her :)

These are some close ups of some quilting on quilts that I photographed at the HandiQuilter Headquarters on our visit there...

Debby will be lecturing and demonstrating techniques at the classes this weekend to show us how to quilt like this :)

...Well, we may need to practice what we learn a bit before we're quilting like this... 

...But that's the fun part, right!

Click Here for a link to details on the classes and location.  There is still some space available for you to come join us, so contact me if you want to come ~ Debby assures me the more Cool Kids the Merrier!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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