Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surveying the Damage

This is what our poor old fence and trees look like after being piled with five feet of heavy snow all last month.

The weekend of rain that we just had, and the warmer weather that we're experiencing now has melted all of the snow and exposed what I see will be a pretty work intensive time in the garden this coming Spring.

We will be replacing some of our trees and shrubs that split or broke off.

Some of them we have had in our yard for a long time.

But while going around on my little walk-about to survey the damage, I discovered several treasures that the melting snow exposed.

All are signs of promise...

...and the reason that I venture out into the Spring garden each year :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Pat said...

It IS nice to find these signs of spring after the harsh winter we have had.

Karen said...

Oh wow! You did have quite a bit of damage. My daffodils are blooming now. You seem to be about one week behind NC, where you live. Soon!! It's coming! :0)

Carol said...

Oh the beautiful signs of spring! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Dawn said...

It saddens me to see all the damage to the shrubs and evergreens as we go for our drives everyday.I will be glad when everyone has had a chance for the major cleanups. I lost part of an azeala bush that I have had for 15 years.
Also lost part of a Dwarf English Boxwood that DH bought for me in Colonial Williamsburg. Nice to see the crocus and daffodils, tho! I look forward to seeing you at JLWC tomorrow night!