Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Lovely Preakness Weekend

It was Preakness Weekend here in Maryland ~ congratulations to Lookin At Lucky!

And Preakness Weekend here in Columbia Maryland means Wine in the Woods! Translated for non-locals: that's rows and rows of great wineries to sample from, good food, great music, and lots of artisans all set in beautiful Symphony Woods ~ and as an extra perk, the weather was exceptional!

This year Solomon's Island Winery was our favorite ~ my big wine purchase of the day was their Black Raspberry Merlot. My other treasure of the day was a pretty beaded necklace I got from a local artisan called A Bead Apart. She had an entire booth full of lovely jewelry.

... they had live human statues...this one in a loin cloth...too funny :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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Pat said...

When you mentioned Columbia, it dawned on me that I know a quilter who lives in Columbia and she has a blog, too. I have sent her an email with the link to your blog. I'm thinking she might want to touch base with a quilter from her area! Your wine weekend sounds like it was fun!