Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom Gifts

Over the years I've built up quite a collection of "Mom Gifts". Some are pretty abstract.

Some are purely art, for art's sake,

Some are functional.

I think most moms have a collection like mine. This is a sampling of the treasure box that I keep in my closet. Most were made in Art Class, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Scouts or Summer Camp.

And then some are just original little trinkets, thought up and given from the heart.

I received this tiny little box from my daughter one day for no particular reason. It wasn't my birthday, anniversary or Mother's day, just a summer afternoon when she had free time on her hands. The little box contained items that symbolized things for me. The two sided, enclosed note is what made it so special (the the flag pin for the day before the 4th that she refers to on the first side of the note is my birthday ~ July 3rd).

I love that she dated it and included her age :) Heather moved out this past year, and I still have her little gift box, I still remember these things, and it still makes me smile :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy your Mom Gifts, and Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Dawn said...

Awwww:) Makes me want to get my little treasures out from over the years! Don't ya love it when they would sign and date a note? said...

How sweet and motherly! I have a little box, child-like covered in green Christmas wrapping paper with cardboard taped to divide it into sections. The label was "Mom's Sewing Kit." I have it in my sewing room and keep special spools of thread there. My 24 year old daughter moved back home for a short time while in Grad School and saw the box. She was shocked to see it, and said, "Mom, I can't believe you still have that!" Well, that's what we mom's do.

Carol said...

What wonderful treasures! Happy Mother's Day!

Mary St. John Nielsen said...

WOW ... thanks for sharing that wonderful Mother's Day post - so very sweet.

Heather said...

How embarrassing! I cant believe you still have that

Heather. Age 24

Pat said...

Oh, that little box and the note put tears in my eyes. That is SO sweet and Heather should NOT be embarrassed. If she was such a loving person at age 11, I am sure she has grown into a wonderful, caring young woman!!! Thanks for sharing this (and I did see a few of your gifts that resemble some I've gotten over the years!)

Kate Hackett said...

Oh man, I remember some of those.