Monday, May 24, 2010

This little quilter went to Market...

So we're a little late with the post about Quilt Market, but we were understandably rather tired when we made it back to Maryland. Since this was my first Quilt Market, Mom asked me to do the first Market post so that I could share some of the things I saw and experienced. She'll do an update tomorrow.

We left for Minnesota Wednesday afternoon, although I had a little bit more trouble than Mom did. Maddie simply did not want me to leave her behind, she kept trying to pack herself into my suitcase!

The next day we were in Schoolhouse sessions pretty much all day long. It was pretty cool, but I wasn't expecting anything quite as intense. We took in a lot of information during those sessions. I tried to get a few pictures, however they were too dark, so I wont be able to share them. During lunch we stepped outside to snap a few pictures and I nabbed this one of our Hotel. We stayed at the Hilton, and this basically showed you just how close we were to the Convention Center.

We also discovered this little gem, where we ate dinner after a long day at Schoolhouse. Hell's Kitchen was just a few blocks from our hotel. I actually found out about it when I was wandering around the Convention Center before the day's events started. I like to look at Information kiosks when I get to a new city to see what all it has to offer. The flier for Hell's Kitchen stood out above the rest. We decided to give it a try and found that it is now one of our favorite places in the country. The food and atmosphere were awesome, and if anyone is in Minneapolis, we recommend they check it out!
As we went through the Vendor Room, we ran into several familiar faces. It was so nice to see people in person that you meet through blogland! Here is Mom and Pat Sloan. Pat was manning a booth to introduce a really cool new product line that she helped to create, Mom will post about it tomorrow. There were tons of Vendors and it was unbelievable that we were able to get everything done! We met with some new fabric companies and are looking forward to a few exciting projects that we have coming up. Also! In the vein of exciting news, we met with some website designers who were present at Market, and we will be working with them to develop our own website! We are in the very early stages right now, but keep watching the blog for more information.
We got home yesterday, exhausted. And I'm fairly certain we left our feet somewhere in that convention center after all the walking we did! All in all it was a great experience that I am so excited that I was able to have.



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OOOhhh how I wish I was there! Can't wait to see more.