Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspiration From Where?

For the Project Quilting Challenge this week, I worked with castles and good fairies :)  I had this fabric left over from a bunk bed tent that I just made for Elsie for her upcoming birthday (I'll have pictures of that in August when I deliver it to her and we try to hang it on the bed).  Our challenge for this week was to take a trip to the office supply store for inspiration.

This is the pile of loot that I started with - page protectors, photo protectors, key tags, funky paperclips, a dry erase/magnet board, composition notebook, colored pencils, & stickers.

I added a tape measure that I already had, sewing it accross the tape in increments, so to leave some areas loose.

I stitched a plastic photo protector to the outside of the pocket before adding the pocket to the quilt.

This shows one of the funky shaped paper clips sewn on (you'll see why in a moment).  And for some sparkly embellishments, I fused together some Angelina Fibers to make little sheets and cut them into hearts and stars using my Accuquilt Go.
I also sewed on some fabric flowers that I had on hand and added button centers for some other fun embellishments.

I added little elastic bands in the center that will hold on the removable dry erase/magnetic white board, and this is what I had.  (This is the quilt before I loaded it up.)  It measures 20" x 40".

The pocket holds the coloring supplies and stickers.  I added a picture of Elsie feeding the giraffe at the zoo since that is one of her favorite memories so far.

The funky clips that I sewed on the top are to hold a page protector with Elsie's artwork (which is much better than mine by the way).

Here is how I used the key tags.  They are markers that can be written on to mark the child's height at a certain age or date.  They just clip on, but can be sewn or stapled on to be permanently attached.

So here is the finished Growth Chart/Art Center all loaded up with goodies.  The pocket could also hold books (and the markers and dry erase board can be removed and only given out when Elsie is being supervised, since this will hang within her reach in her bedroom).  I started the tape measure at 24", and the quilt has 2" borders, so it will hang 22" up from the floor.  Just the right height for a child.  This will look nice hanging in Elsie's bedroom, coordinating with her bed tent and other Pink things (she's turning 3, and that's currently her very favorite color).

This was a neat challenge, and just goes to show that you can find quilty inspiration just about anywhere! I went ahead and entered my Project Quilting challenge project early because I'm heading off to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA, so I'm sure I'll get some wonderful inspiration there too...along with the chocolate :)

Enjoy the day!

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Pat said...

WOW....this is are very clever.

Anonymous said...

So darned cute!! (makes me wish for a little grandaughter!!)

FabricFascination said...

What a great idea, cute and practical at the same time.

SewCalGal said...

This is amazing. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Inspirational. Love it.