Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mountain Baby Blanket Finish Ups

I've been really busy, honest I have, I just have nothing that I can show for it on the blog right now. Some of the projects I've been working on are for upcoming publications, so can't show them quite yet, and I have a little web surprise in the works that I hope to unveil next week :)

But in the meantime, I wanted to show you a what couple of the latest Mountain Baby Blanket donations look like all quilted up. My friend Mary Nielsen of Keep Me In Quilts quilted and bound these tops and got them back for me this week (much sooner than I expected!). I took them out on the deck in the sunshine to let you get a good look at her all over quilting designs :)

I have another top that was quilted by a friend that I hope to get the binding on soon and give you a peek of that one. Hopefully Heather and I will be matching them all with storybooks this weekend, and preparing a box to ship out for next week! We're getting a little low on book donations, so we may have to drag ourselves storybook shopping too ;)

Pat Sloan is hosting a Finish It Up Weekend starting tomorrow that she mentions here in this blog post. I have previous plans for later in the weekend, but before I go I'll be finishing up my Project Quilting Challenge project, and hopefully binding a bunch of quilts :) Do you have something to finish up this weekend?

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Jeanne Lex said...

very nice - love the "finish" line

Carol said...

Dawn they turned out great...hope they make someone really happy.