Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pass It On

What perks me up, and really makes me take notice?  Tell me you want to learn to do hand appliqué, and I’m on it!  Heather expressed an interest in learning to do hand appliqué,  so this week we got together one evening for some lessons in basic hand appliqué techniques.  I love to teach traditional hand techniques.  I think it’s important in our fast-paced world of today, that we slow down and pass on these traditional methods.  

Heather purchased the show pattern from Hershey called Purple Posies designed by Mimi Dietrich and Norma Campbell, thinking that would be a good project to start on.  She had a lot of fun at the show searching out fabrics for this project ~ she went with mostly hand dyes. 

So this week we are making leaves with the freezer paper on the back method.  Another week we’ll move on to a different technique to make the flowers, and flower centers. 

I’m making leaves along with Heather (because you can never have too many leaves ~ right?).  I’m playing with a block design of my own to use in my Baltimore Album quilt.  I’ll let you know how it works out. 

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Pat said...

Heather is lucky to have you nearby enough to teach this to her! Please post photos each week of what you teach her.

Kathleen said...

I keep meaning to learn to do hand applique. Maybe I'll watch you two and get inspired. Happy Anniversary!!!