Monday, January 17, 2011

It'll be Awesome

It'll be Awesome!  That's my new favorite quote, stolen from Heather who says it a lot ~ although sometimes she's saying it sarcastically ~ it's my mantra for the start of 2011 :)  When I saw the theme was primary colors for the first challenge of Project Quilting, I knew that I had to make a project using this quote, and I decided a large 20 inch quilted cushion or pillow would be fun.  

The guildlines of the challenge were as follows:
1. Use one 6" square of each primary color red, yellow, and blue
2. You may cut each square into no more than 4 pieces
3. You must use the entire 6" square of each primary color on the front of your project.
4. You may add any other fabrics or materials.

I cut mine into four 3 inch squares each...

...and I added some more bright happy colors to go along with them combined with a white background.  I sewed some of the 3 inch squares together to make color block stripes across the front of my pillow and I saved the rest to make prairie points (more on that later)

I used some scraps of fabric to string piece sections to cut into circles for some stylized accents, and I fused and machine blanket stitched them along with the letters for the word "Awesome".

The piece is machine quilted with an all over meander, and the words "It'll be" are hand quilted with blue 12 weight thread in a long stitch style. 

Now back to those prairie points for the edges.  I get asked often how to make prairie points, so here you go:  Fold a square (in this case 3 inches) in half point to point to make a triangle and press with a hot iron. 

Then fold it again, and press it again ~ I use a squirt of starch or sizing at this press to help hold the shape while you work with it.  Voila, you have a prairie point!

Working on just one side at a time, line them up along the edge of the front, having each prairie point "eat" the next one with an overlap of about a quarter of an inch.  Don't over think this ~ it's not rocket science, if someone ever tells you your prairie points aren't even, then don't let them use your pillow! 

None of these measurements have to be exact, (unless you plan to enter in a major juried quilt show), for this type of project it's ok to just play with the placement and color arrangement a little and then pin them in place (I use one pin for each prairie point). 

Sew with a scant quarter inch seam allowance to hold them in place.  Tip: use a seam ripper or stiletto to stabilize the overlap spot as you approach and sew it. 

Then I added an envelope style back to it as with any pillow, turned it right side out, pulled all the points completly out, and added a pillow form.  Now it's sitting on the little bed in my sewing room making me happy every time I enter ~ and the pillow cover is now for sale in my etsy store :)

To view all of the Challenge One projects for the kick off of Project Quilting Season Two, check out Kim's blog.  While you're there, cast a vote for your favorite, and leave a comment to be entered in a give away!

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


QuilterMary said...

It is AWESOME!!! and very cute too. Is it time to vote?

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I love your step by steps!! and you make matching prairie points sound sooooo easy!!! :) thanks for the inspiration!!