Friday, April 1, 2011

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting...

Today we spent the day cutting kits.  I have a couple of new publications coming out, and kits have to be ready to go!  So there are piles everywhere around my little sewing and work rooms, they are stacked on spare beds,

...and any horizontal space that can be found. 

Heather took pity on me and came over to help out.  She set up the Accuquilt Go out in the window seat area outside of my sewing rooms, turned on a movie on the laptop, and the two of us had a fun cutting party :)

More horizontal surfaces were found...

...seriously, we were putting our little piles everywhere. 

We worked on bolts all day...

...And we have more to go...

...But we are making progress, (this picture was taken only half way through the day, there were more empties when we stopped and called out for pizza for dinner).  I love a day when a lot gets accomplished, and the bonus is that now I can start to walk around my work space again!

Also since today is April First, the gang at Accuquilt has a really cool April Fools Special ~ click Here to go to their website and to see the special offer!  I love this company :) 

Happy April Fools Day!
~ Dawn

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FabricFascination said...

Love the free bonus with any purchase from Accuquilt. What happened to Etsy this year. They were always good with the April Fools jokes.

Looks like an exciting kit in the works. Can't wait to see what it is.