Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Box on my Doorstep

I was greeted yesterday afternoon by a little package on my front porch that really brightened my day. I had spent the morning serving as my dad's escort to a CT scan that he needed, a task that you would think is pretty straight forward ~ right?. A transport company came and picked us up from the nursing home with a wheelchair van and dropped us off at the radiology place.

After dealing with not having the right paperwork from the nursing home, waiting for "like forever" for his test, waiting some more for our van to come back to pick us up, getting caught in the automatic door, and getting my knitting bag caught in the wheelchair wheel while I was pushing (who knew there was such a learning curve with a wheelchair) ~ We finally arrived back at the nursing home ~ hours later ~ safe and sound.

...So it was quite a delight to find a box on my doorstep when I finally got back home, with all of these quilt tops, all donations from Carol for Mountain Baby Blankets!

Along with all four of these beautiful crib quilts, Carol included the backing and bindings for each! They will be lovingly quilted soon and included in our next shipment to the Christian Appalachian Project. My wish is that the recipients of these quilts are as pleased to receive them as I was yesterday ~ Thank You for the smiles Carol! :)

Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn


Carol said...

Dawn I'm so glad they got there safe and sound. Thank you so much for letting me help with this project. I got so much enjoyment out of those little quilts...if it's OK with you I'd like to do some more.

Kim said...

Very nice quilts. Pretty and fun and cheerful quilts for Christian Appalachian Project!