Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Calendar Quilt Challenge

Join me in the Calendar Quilt Challenge for 2009!

Rachel Griffith has started the Calendar Quilt Challenge over on her blog, and I thought the Sloanies Group at our shop would like to join in since it's based on the Calendar Quilt Idea that Pat Sloan developed in her book Favorite Techniques. I joined Rachel's blog team and I'll be using the challenge to work on my Calendar Quilt this year, so work along with me! Check out the link (I'll keep it on my sidebar) to see all the particulars, but basically you make a no-rules quilt, a strip a day throughout the year using your stash. Add a strip for each day using a fabric from something that you're working on at the time, something seasonal, or maybe from your vast fat quarter collection (winking at you Heather). I'm going to leave spaces to journal and embroider on significant days, but other than that, I'm not thinking it through at all. It will become what it becomes ~ I think that will be the fun of it! I'll post some pictures as I get mine going. Pat Sloan's book is available at her website (also a link on my sidebar), and thanks to Rachel for organizing the whole project!

~ Dawn

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rachel griffith said...

thanks for the shout out!!!
you rock!!!