Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Little Warm Weather Dreamin'

Even though I am a Spring time kind of gal, I do like the change of seasons that we have here in Maryland. I love Fall and the Holiday season, and I do like a good snow day here and there (which we still haven't had yet this year) ~ it doesn't get any better than a fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot tea and the excuse to just sit and do handwork in my comfy chair for as long as I want. Usually I don't get really tired of winter until late February, but this year for some reason I'm pretty done with winter. This morning it's 10 degrees out ~ 10. Now I know to my friend Leslie in MN that doesn't sound so bad, but I'm getting pretty done with it!

Yesterday, I turned on my favorite "vintage rock" radio station and they were playing Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" and that just made me feel the warm weather (don't you just love it when a song does that for you!). So in honor of a little warm weather dreamin' here are a few pictures of Spring time in my little piece of the world.

This is the wishing well in my backyard that Bob built for me. I need to take a new picture this spring, the plants have grown a lot bigger, and we now have a gazebo in the spot where the kids playset was. I modeled my Spring Water Designs logo on it, and I do use it for wishing ~ and it works! :)

Here is a picture from spring time of my trumpet vine up close and personal. The Hummingbirds love this bush, and there are usually wild morning glories that grow up in it.
Here's to getting out in the garden and feeling that sun on your face, but for now I'll settle for a hot cup of tea, some gardening magazines and a little warm weather dreamin.
Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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