Monday, January 26, 2009

Look Out Disney World!

I spent a very enjoyable evening last night with my son Bobby's girlfriend, Nicoll embroidering T-shirts for her dance group's upcoming trip to Disney World. Nicoll is a member of Hammond High School's Jr Dance Company, and along with the Sr Company, they are going to perform in Disney World in February. In the past, the girls who are grouped as roommates have made shirts to set themselves apart and to remember the event. I haven't used the embroidery machine much lately - just for little things like I recently did on the Calendar Quilt, but we had her cooking last night!
Nicoll bought black T shirts and some Iron on Letters, and each girl chose their favorite Disney Character (I have a Brother machine and these were all built ins). I embroidered the character and their name in the center front of the shirts.

Nicoll then did the layout and the Iron ons to spell out Disney and J Co. I did get her on the embroidery machine too though and in no time she was changing colors and doing the stitch outs. I don't think she realized how long it would take to do them all!

We had a good time making the shirts and hopfully they'll have fun wearing them! Good Luck dancing in Disney World Nicoll, Ashley, Chantel, Fatmata & Rachel! I want a picture of you all at the Castle! ...and remember not to lean on the wall during costume changes! :)

What do you plan on making today? Play a little and Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

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