Sunday, June 7, 2009

Diversions ~ Some Fun and Some Not So...

Sometimes we just need a little diversion. Today at work I whipped up this little Button Pillow from a pattern by The Quilt Company called Firecracker. It's cute and easy to do, and best of all, the buttons are included with the pattern! We have several of these little button pillow patterns available in our shop for several occasions. Along with this fun little diversion, I'm cutting out a Pat Sloan Pattern called Gran's Gingerbread to work on this week (yes, we are starting on Christmas samples).

Tonight I'm trying to make some more progress on my Baltimore Album block for class tomorrow. I thought I'd get some done on it this morning before work, but had a "not so fun" diversion and had to take my son to the emergency room. He is fine, but had come home from his Senior Week in Ocean City last Friday evening with what we thought looked like some kind of insect bite on his back, but he doesn't remember feeling any bites. Well it got progressively worse looking and much more painful, so by this morning when he woke up (and it looked like an alien might emerge from his back at any second) I thought it needed to be looked at. They did lance and culture it, and indicatied it could even be a Staph Infection or Merca. He is on antibiotics and we'll know more on Tuesday when he has his follow up and the test results should be back. Kids...all in all, I'm very thankful that he came home from Senior Week in one piece, I just didn't anticipate he'd bring anything home with him.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
~ Dawn

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