Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Perfect Day

What constitutes a perfect day in my book? Well first, yesterday I spent the day at work getting caught up marking things off of my "To Do" list ~ I make lists so that I can have the satisfaction of marking items off the list :) Then, after getting my list caught up, I got to sew! Above is a sneak peek at the little table topper that I made for the July Thimbleberries Club's extra project. Hopefully I can get it quilted up today.

...Then, from work I headed straight to my Baltimore Applique Society meeting. This was the last meeting of the year, and they held a "Bizarre Bazaar" where members brought in and sold quilt related items that they no longer wanted. This is the pile of loot that I left with. I got two great out of print books by Elly Sienkiewicz that I didn't have in my collection, a boxed set of Susan McKelvey's Baltimore's Country Cousins BOM, some ultra suade, and various cuts/fat quarters in great Baltimore Applique colors.

At the meeting, they drew the winner's name for the Mercier Raffle quilt that benifitted the Howard County Historical Society. The winner was a lady from New Jersey (I had made block A-3 in that quilt). They also reminded everyone to check out the Marie Webster auction quilts that are on the BAS website. They are up through July 10th I think, and then they will be going to the Quilter's Hall of Fame to end the auction with all proceeds to benifit the QHOF. Check them out, the work is wonderful, I've seen all these in person. We want to send them all up with at least a minimum bid on each. Some have already been sold for full price! (I didn't get to make a Marie Webster quilt as they were doing them when I was in the middle of my last magazine deadline, so I passed on taking one of these on.)

So that was my perfect day, catching up, sewing, shopping, and not cooking any dinner! What is your perfect day? Go ahead, dream a little, sometimes the stars just align and it happens :)

Enjoy your day!
~ Dawn


Rita said...

Hey, I'm from New Jersey and have six tickets for that quilt...maybe it's me! That would surely make my day perfect!

Dawn said...

Rita ~ I forgot to mention, they called the lady at last night's meeting (I forget her name). So the winner already knows who she is. Sorry, better luck on the next one!
~ Dawn

Karen said...

I took a look at the Mercier raffle quilt. Gorgeous!
I like the title "Bizarre Bazaar". It is a good idea for getting rid of sewing things you no longer need.