Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Binding Weekend

Today was about binding. I used the day to catch up and put bindings on some projects that I've had sitting just waiting to get finished.

This is a new crib quilt that I machine quilted from this cute Jungle Animal panel. I have it for sale here in my Etsy Store :)

You can click on the pictures to see the quilting a little better.

I had fun practicing doing different meanders and swirls.

I'm trying to do more quilting to practice and build up my skills in that area more. I think I'm getting a little better ~ and I'm definitely getting faster.

The other thing I finally got bound today is Heather's Wizard of Oz quilt.

My friend Mary Nielsen of Keep Me In Quilts quilted this one up for me and did a beautiful job with all of the picture details. (Mary's located in Pasadena MD and her email is if you are in need of a good machine quilter at a very reasonable rate!)

I also started to finish the backing edge on my prairie point quilt, I'm working on that in the evenings as my hand work project. I'll show you that one soon. Anyway, it's nice to get a few more projects off of the UFO pile!

Enjoy your day!
~ Dawn


Mary said...

Thanks for the wave and the quilting comments! Hope Heather enjoys the Oz quilt.

Heather said...

Mary, I love it! You did a beautiful job! :)